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Finding English-Speaking Art Schools in Berlin

Maria, hailing from sunny Brazil, had always been mesmerized by the world of art. Her canvases portrayed vivid tales of Rio’s beaches and the vibrant carnival. With aspirations to refine her skills and immerse herself in Europe’s rich art culture, she set her sights on Berlin – a city often deemed the modern art capital of the world.

However, Berlin, with its cobbled streets and historical landmarks, presented Maria with an unforeseen challenge. The sheer number of art schools in Berlin was overwhelming. But the real obstacle? Language. While her paintbrush danced flawlessly across canvases, Maria grappled with the German language.

She began her quest enthusiastically, touring various art schools in Berlin. But the tours often left her feeling like she was trying to interpret an abstract painting. She’d catch snippets of information, but the essence, the core of what each school offered, remained elusive. Why? The majority of these institutions operated primarily in German.

Her dreams slightly dampened, Maria realized that what she was truly seeking were English-speaking art schools in Berlin. Schools that would allow her to dive deep into the world of art without the constant challenge of translation. But where to start?

A Common Narrative for Expats

This is a common narrative for many expats. The thrill of moving to a new city, the allure of Berlin’s art scene, only to be met with the very real challenge of language barriers.

At Expaty, we understand this journey all too well. The excitement, the challenges, and the ever-present quest for familiarity in a foreign land. We’ve been there, navigating the maze of a new city, wishing for a sign in English that points us in the right direction.

So, in the spirit of bridging these gaps, we’ve taken on the task of connecting expats like Maria with English-speaking art schools in Berlin. Because language shouldn’t be a barrier to pursuing one’s passion.

Berlin’s Rich Art Scene

Berlin boasts a plethora of art institutions, each with its unique approach to fostering creativity. From contemporary art to classical techniques, the city is a haven for budding artists. But for those who aren’t fluent in German, the search can feel a tad more intricate.

Expaty: Simplifying the Search

We, at Expaty, aim to simplify that. Our platform is more than just a list of names. We delve into the ethos of each institution, ensuring they not only provide exceptional art education but also do so in a language accessible to our expat community. English-speaking art schools in Berlin? Yes, they exist, and we’ve got the scoop on them.

Maria’s Journey: A Reminder

Reflecting on Maria’s journey, it serves as a gentle reminder. Sometimes, the path to our dreams has a few unexpected turns. For Maria, one such turn led her to Expaty. Through our platform, she discovered a renowned art school in the heart of Berlin, offering courses in English that resonated with her aspirations.

Today, Maria’s canvases are a blend of her Brazilian roots and the avant-garde influences of Berlin. A beautiful melding of worlds, made possible by an art school that spoke her language.


For every expat out there, whether you’re an artist, an enthusiast, or someone merely exploring new horizons, remember that Berlin has a space for you. And if language feels like a hurdle, reach out to us at Expaty. We’re here to guide, connect, and ensure your Berlin story is as vibrant as Maria’s canvases.

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