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The Canvas of Learning: Finding the Right English-speaking Art Schools in Copenhagen

Rosa, a budding artist from Brazil, had always dreamt of further honing her craft abroad. The rich history, the cobblestone streets, and the ever-changing Nordic skies of Copenhagen seemed like the perfect backdrop for her artistic evolution. But, as with all things in life, sometimes the brush doesn’t move as smoothly over the canvas as one hopes.

The Creative Challenge Ahead

Back in São Paulo, Rosa was accustomed to a vibrant art scene with schools and workshops buzzing with creativity. She hoped to find something similar in Copenhagen. And while the city didn’t disappoint in terms of artistic inspiration, there was an unexpected twist to her quest.

As Rosa started exploring art schools in Copenhagen, she quickly noticed a pattern. Many institutions, although top-notch in their offerings, had courses primarily in Danish. The challenge wasn’t about the quality of education but the medium of instruction. While Rosa had begun picking up Danish phrases, immersing herself in a full-time art course in a language she wasn’t fluent in seemed daunting.

Lost in Translation

It’s one thing to order coffee or navigate public transport in a foreign language. But to understand the nuances of art, the history of techniques, and the philosophy of design? That’s a different palette altogether.

She recalled an open day she attended at one of the local art schools in Copenhagen. Rosa remembered nodding along as the instructor passionately explained a particular method. But truth be told, she caught only bits and pieces. The language barrier was proving to be a real obstacle in her journey.

Expaty to the Rescue

That’s when she found Expaty. We at Expaty understand the intricacies of settling in a new city. Whether it’s finding a new home, a school, or even a favorite local bakery, we’ve got insights into it all. Our specialty? Connecting expats with places where language isn’t a barrier but a bridge.

When Rosa shared her dilemma with us, we introduced her to a list of English-speaking art schools in Copenhagen. Schools that are recognized not just for their curriculum, but also for their multicultural approach. These institutions know that art is a universal language and that it’s essential to offer courses in a medium that’s accessible to all.

Brush Strokes and New Beginnings

With our guidance, Rosa enrolled in an art program tailored to her needs. The course was rigorous, challenging, and most importantly, conducted in English. She found herself amidst fellow international students, all united by their passion for art.

Today, Rosa’s artwork graces galleries in Copenhagen, a blend of her Brazilian roots with the influences she absorbed in Denmark. Her journey, though speckled with challenges, led her to the right canvas, thanks to the guidance from Expaty.


For those who find themselves in Rosa’s shoes, trying to navigate the vibrant but sometimes puzzling landscape of Copenhagen, remember that you’re not alone. We at Expaty are here to guide you. Whether it’s art schools or any other endeavor in the city, let us be your compass. Our aim? Making sure your transition in Copenhagen feels less like a maze and more like a well-detailed map.

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