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The Tale of Maria and the Quest for the English-speaking Cleaning Service in Bern

The Challenge of Communication in Bern

Maria, originally from the Philippines, found herself nestled in the heart of Switzerland. The picturesque streets of Bern captivated her. But as with any big move, settling into a new country wasn’t all scenic views and pleasant walks. The apartment she moved into, while spacious and beautiful, had seen better days. It needed a good scrub down. But here came the problem — how would she find a cleaning service in Bern, especially one where she could communicate her needs in English?

Now, Maria had tidied up her fair share of messes, but a thorough deep cleaning was a different ball game. She thought hiring professionals would be the way to go. Yet, with every call she made or service she approached, Maria hit the same hurdle – the language barrier. Describing the specific corners of her apartment that needed attention or the kind of products she wanted used — it was all lost in translation.

Expat Struggles: Finding English-Speaking Services

She wasn’t alone in this. Other expats whispered of similar tales in cafes and parks. A businessman from South Africa, a teacher from Australia, a researcher from India – different backgrounds, same story. Bern, as lovely as it is, had this gap where finding English-speaking professionals, especially in fields like cleaning services, felt like searching for a needle in a haystack.

It wasn’t just about the language. It was about understanding certain cultural nuances and preferences. For instance, Maria had specific cleaning practices from back home that she wanted to be incorporated. But how do you convey that when you’re struggling to just get across the basic instructions?

Expaty: Simplifying the Search for Home Comfort

This is where we at Expaty stepped in. We realized that there was a genuine need for a platform that catered to the expat community’s specific requirements. We understood that settling into a new place comes with its unique set of challenges, and finding an English-speaking cleaning service in Bern shouldn’t be one of them.

We began our journey by seeking out and vetting various cleaning services in Bern. Our goal was clear: to find providers who not only did their job excellently but also understood and valued clear communication. Over time, we built a list, a collection of cleaning services that could converse comfortably in English, understand specific needs, and ensure a home that sparkled.

Expaty’s Mission: Filling the Gap

Our platform, Expaty, serves as a bridge, making these connections smoother. No more awkward charades trying to explain which corner of your living room needs extra attention. No more settling for a service because there’s no other option. With our curated list, you can find the perfect match that understands your needs, both spoken and unspoken.

Success Stories with Expaty in Bern

Maria’s quest had a happy ending. Through Expaty, she found a cleaning service in Bern that not only understood her instructions in English but also appreciated her specific cleaning requests. Her apartment? Let’s just say it shines as bright as her smile now.

Creating a Platform for Clear Connections

If you’re an expat in Bern, searching for that perfect cleaning touch, know that you’re not alone. At Expaty, we’re here to guide you, to connect you, and to ensure your space feels exactly like what you can call ‘home’.

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