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Finding English-speaking Dance Schools in Lausanne

Ana, a bubbly spirit from Rio de Janeiro, was thrilled when she learned she’d be moving to Lausanne. With a deep love for samba, she wanted to continue dancing and maybe even introduce her new Swiss friends to Brazil’s rhythmic beats. But, when she began searching for dance schools in Lausanne, she stumbled upon an unexpected challenge.

Stepping into Silence

With every dance school Ana approached, she was met with puzzled looks or polite declines when she asked if they offered classes in English. While she tried her best to follow along in French, she often found herself a beat behind, struggling to match the rhythm of the instructions with the movement of her feet.

Meanwhile, Kwame from Ghana faced a similar predicament. A passionate Afrobeat dancer, he wanted to join a local dance group. His attempts, however, often ended in amusing confusion. Once, he found himself in a ballroom class, elegantly sliding across the floor when all he had wanted was to break into dynamic African dance moves.

These stories are not unique. For many expats, finding English-speaking dance schools in Lausanne feels like a dance itself, with many missed beats and out-of-sync steps.

Enter Expaty, Stage Left

Hearing such stories, it struck a chord with us at Expaty. Dance, a universal language, shouldn’t be stifled by language barriers. It’s about feeling the rhythm, understanding the movement, and expressing oneself freely. With that in mind, we took on the challenge of connecting dance enthusiasts with English-speaking dance schools in Lausanne.

We believe in making transitions smoother for the global citizens of Lausanne. Ana and Kwame, through Expaty, found places where their love for dance was understood, appreciated, and nurtured. Not just because they could groove, but because they could communicate their passion clearly.

Dance Beyond Words

While Lausanne pulses with a vibrant dance culture, bridging the language gap can make all the difference. From ballet to hip-hop, salsa to contemporary, dance is a universal medium of expression. It’s a space where words often take a back seat, but to get to that stage of seamless expression, understanding the instructor is crucial.

For all those who’ve moved from various parts of the world to Lausanne and carry a dance dream in their heart, Expaty is your backstage crew. We’re here to ensure that you find the right stage, the perfect setting to let your dance story unfold.

A Final Bow

Lausanne, with its picturesque streets and international flavor, has much to offer. But like any city, there are challenges. Finding an English-speaking dance school might seem like a small step, but for many, it’s a giant leap towards feeling at home in a new place.

If you’ve ever felt out of step, remember, Expaty is here to get you back in rhythm. Our mission is simple – help you find your groove in Lausanne, no matter the dance form,

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