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Finding A Helping Hand in Brussels, The Challenge of English Communication

Sarah had an itinerary that could make anyone’s head spin. Originally from the Philippines and having lived in New York for several years, she recently relocated to Brussels because of her husband’s job. With three kids, a bustling household, and a part-time remote job to juggle, Sarah realized she needed some help.

It wasn’t her first rodeo. Back in New York, she had a wonderful domestic helper, Maria. They communicated seamlessly, and Maria became an integral part of their household. But when Sarah started looking for domestic helpers Brussels, she stumbled upon an unexpected hurdle: the language barrier.

Seamless Living in Brussels

One might think that in a global hub like Brussels, where you hear myriad languages on any given day, finding English-speaking domestic helpers would be a piece of cake. But for Sarah, and many others like her, it turned out to be quite the quest.

Yuki, a friend of Sarah’s from Japan, had a similar experience. She recounted an amusing yet frustrating incident where she tried to explain to a domestic helper how she wanted her plants watered. A mix of gestures, broken French, and a lot of confusion later, her beloved fern was unfortunately overwatered.

It’s these everyday challenges, these small hiccups in communication, that can make settling into a new city feel even more daunting. And while many expats in Brussels gradually pick up a bit of French or Dutch, when it comes to your household, clear communication is crucial.

Beyond Language Barriers: Expaty Connects Expats with English-Speaking Helpers in Brussels

That’s where we at Expaty come in. We recognized the need for a platform that caters specifically to the English-speaking community in Brussels. We understand that while it’s exciting to immerse oneself in a new culture, sometimes you just need the comfort of clear, concise communication, especially within the sanctity of your home.

Our platform,, bridges this gap. We connect you with trusted, English-speaking domestic helpers Brussels. These are professionals who have been vetted, and who understand the nuances of working with expat families. Whether it’s specific cleaning routines, childcare needs, or simply the way you like your morning coffee, being able to explain it all in English can be a game-changer.

Understanding Home: Expaty’s Role in Connecting Families with English-Speaking Helpers

Aarti, an expat from India, shared her relief when she found her English-speaking helper through Expaty. It was more than just about getting chores done. It was about having a conversation, sharing a bit about our days, and building trust, she said.

Expaty’s Commitment to Simplify Your Life

Navigating life in a new city comes with its fair share of adventures. But when it comes to your home, you want the assurance of familiarity and understanding. At Expaty, our goal is to make your life in Brussels just a little bit easier. After all, home isn’t just a place; it’s a feeling. And we’re here to ensure that, in your Brussels home, you always feel understood.

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