Navigating Healthcare in Serbia: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving to a new country comes with its own set of challenges, and understanding the local healthcare system is often one of the most crucial. Serbia, with its rich history and cultural heritage, also offers a unique healthcare landscape that expatriates need to navigate. This post aims to provide a deep dive into the healthcare in Serbia, offering insights, actionable advice, and resources to ensure you can access the medical help you need while in Serbia.

Understanding the Serbian Healthcare System

The Serbian healthcare system operates on a mix of public and private healthcare services. The public system is funded through the National Health Insurance Fund (RFZO), providing comprehensive coverage to all Serbian citizens and residents who contribute to the social security system. The private sector offers an alternative, with faster access and often more modern facilities, but at a higher cost.

Key Considerations for Expatriates

  1. Mandatory Health Insurance: Health insurance is mandatory in Serbia. Expatriates working in Serbia typically contribute to the RFZO through their employment, granting them access to the public healthcare system. Those not employed or self-employed must secure private health insurance.
  2. Registration with RFZO: To access public healthcare services, expatriates must register with the RFZO, requiring a work permit, residency proof, and a social security number.
  3. Choosing Healthcare Providers: In the public system, patients are usually assigned a primary care physician based on their residence. In contrast, private healthcare allows more freedom in choosing doctors and specialists.

Steps to Access Medical Help in Serbia

  1. Find a General Practitioner (GP): Your GP is your first point of contact for healthcare needs. They provide referrals to specialists and manage your overall care.
  2. Emergency Services: For emergencies, dial 194 to access ambulance services. Emergency care is provided free of charge in public hospitals, regardless of insurance status.
  3. Pharmacies: Medications require a prescription from a doctor and are dispensed at pharmacies. While many drugs are covered by RFZO, some may only be partially covered or not at all, depending on your insurance plan.

Useful Tips for Expatriates

  • Understand Your Insurance Plan: Familiarize yourself with what your insurance covers, especially regarding medications, specialist visits, and hospital stays.
  • Language Barrier: While many healthcare professionals in urban areas speak English, this might not be the case everywhere. Learning basic medical terms in Serbian or having a translation app can be helpful.
  • Private Health Insurance: Consider private health insurance for more comprehensive coverage, especially if you prefer private healthcare services or need coverage for family members not employed in Serbia.
  • Keep Important Documents Handy: Always have your health insurance card, a form of ID, and any important medical records accessible, especially in case of an emergency.

Further Resources

For more information on the Serbian healthcare system and to stay updated on healthcare services in Serbia, consider the following resources:

  • National Health Insurance Fund (RFZO): The official RFZO website ( provides detailed information on health insurance coverage, registration procedures, and healthcare services available to residents and expatriates in Serbia.
  • Ministry of Health: The Serbian Ministry of Health website ( offers insights into public health policies, healthcare initiatives, and general health information.
  • Embassy and Consular Services: Your home country’s embassy or consulate in Serbia can offer assistance and advice on accessing healthcare services as an expatriate.


While the healthcare system in Serbia may seem daunting at first, understanding its structure, knowing your rights and obligations, and preparing accordingly can make the process much smoother. Whether you opt for public or private healthcare services, being informed and proactive about your health insurance and healthcare needs will ensure you and your family can access the necessary medical care during your stay in Serbia. Remember, health is a priority, and being well-prepared will allow you to enjoy your expatriate life in Serbia to the fullest.

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