The Healthcare System in Latvia: All You Need to Know

Nestled on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a country known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. For those living in or moving to Latvia, understanding the healthcare system in Latvia is crucial to navigating it effectively. This blog post offers a comprehensive overview of Latvia’s healthcare system, providing expatriates and residents alike with essential insights and actionable guidance.

Overview of Latvia’s Healthcare System

Latvia operates a universal healthcare system, primarily funded through government taxation and managed by the National Health Service of Latvia (Nacionālais veselības dienests – NVD). The system encompasses a mix of public and private healthcare providers, offering a range of services from primary care to specialized treatments.

1. Public Healthcare: Public healthcare services are accessible to all residents contributing to the social security system, providing a wide spectrum of medical services at minimal out-of-pocket costs.

2. Private Healthcare: The private sector complements the public system, offering quicker access and additional services for those willing to pay out-of-pocket or through private insurance.

3. Pharmacies: Pharmacies are readily available, with prescription and over-the-counter medications. Prescriptions are typically digital and can be filled at any pharmacy across the country.

Accessing Healthcare as an Expat

For expatriates in Latvia, accessing healthcare involves several key steps:

1. Social Security Contributions: To access public healthcare, expatriates working in Latvia must contribute to the social security system, which is automatically deducted from salaries.

2. Health Insurance: While social security contributions cover public healthcare, some expatriates opt for private health insurance for broader coverage and access to private healthcare providers.

3. Registration with a General Practitioner (GP): Upon obtaining health coverage, expatriates should register with a local GP, who serves as the first point of contact for healthcare needs and referrals.

Key Considerations for Expatriates

Expatriates should be aware of several important aspects when navigating the Latvian healthcare system:

1. Language Barrier: While many healthcare professionals in urban areas speak English, language barriers can exist, particularly in rural areas or with older medical staff. Having a basic understanding of Latvian or Russian can be beneficial.

2. Emergency Services: In case of emergency, dial 113 for an ambulance. It’s essential to know the location of the nearest hospital or clinic offering emergency services.

3. Medical Records: Keeping a copy of your medical records and any prescriptions is advisable, especially if you’re traveling or moving within the country.

Tips for a Smooth Healthcare Experience

  • Understand Your Coverage: Familiarize yourself with the scope of your healthcare coverage, whether through social security contributions or private insurance, to avoid unexpected costs.
  • Carry Identification: Always have your personal identification and health insurance details on hand, especially in case of emergency.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with any changes to healthcare policies or services that might affect your access or coverage.

Additional Resources for Expatriates

To further assist expatriates in Latvia with healthcare needs, the following resources are invaluable:

  • National Health Service of Latvia (NVD) ( Provides comprehensive information on healthcare services, insurance, and patient rights in Latvia.
  • Latvian Association of International Insurers (LAAA): Offers guidance on private health insurance options suitable for expatriates.
  • Embassies and Consulates: Your home country’s embassy or consulate in Latvia can provide assistance and advice on healthcare and other services for expatriates.

Understanding Latvia’s healthcare system is key to ensuring that you and your family have access to the medical services you need. While the system offers comprehensive coverage, being informed and prepared can help you navigate it more effectively, ensuring a healthier and more secure stay in Latvia. With the right knowledge and resources, expatriates can enjoy the full benefits of Latvia’s healthcare services, from preventive care to specialized treatments, contributing to a positive living experience in this beautiful Baltic nation.

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